Add a professional look to your business with tailor-made Channel Letters

Channel letters add a professional look to your business and can be tailor-made for your specific needs. Made with metal and acrylic, internally illuminated, and individually fabricated they are completely customizable.

With multiple colors to choose from for the trim cap, returns, acrylic faces, LEDs, and vinyl decoration, your options are nearly limitless. They can be made in a broad range of sizes for any location and even have a variety of construction methods, which alter the overall look and feel of a business. These various styles are Face-lit, Halo-lit (or Back-lit), and Dual-lit.

Face-lit channel letters have white acrylic faces with routed metal backs. This feature allows the front of each letter to be illuminated. Vinyl can be applied directly to the faces to change the color to match the company’s existing color scheme. These letters are flushed mounted to the building front.

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