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Channel Letters

Channel letters add a professional look to your business and can be tailor-made for your specific needs. Made with metal and acrylic, internally illuminated, and individually fabricated they are completely customizable. With multiple colors to choose from for the trim cap, returns, acrylic faces, LEDs, and vinyl decoration, your options are nearly limitless. They can be made in a broad range of sizes for any location and even have a variety of construction methods, which alter the overall look and feel of a business. These various styles are Face-lit, Halo-lit (or Back-lit), and Dual-lit.

Custom digital print - 3D signs
Digital Print Custom

3D Signs

Bring a dose of diversity and uniqueness into your space with custom-made 3D labels. 3D inscriptions are made by contour cutting technology from various plate materials such as plexiglass, forex, styrofoam… You choose the colors, shapes and dimensions yourself, and in case you can’t decide or are not sure what materials we are talking about, feel free to contact us for help. The possibilities of the application are unlimited. From wall mounting, as hanging inscriptions or simply laid on a table, under a shop window, etc.

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