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Illuminated Signs Outdoor

Channel Letters

Channel letters add a professional look to your business and can be tailor-made for your specific needs. Made with metal and acrylic, internally illuminated, and individually fabricated they are completely customizable. With multiple colors to choose from for the trim cap, returns, acrylic faces, LEDs, and vinyl decoration, your options are nearly limitless. They can be made in a broad range of sizes for any location and even have a variety of construction methods, which alter the overall look and feel of a business. These various styles are Face-lit, Halo-lit (or Back-lit), and Dual-lit.

Illuminated Signs Outdoor

Pylons, Totems

Pylon and Pole Signs are types of freestanding outdoor signage that are designed, made, and located specifically for the purpose of catching attention from a distance. They range in height but are most commonly between 3m to 8m tall. Pylon and pole signs are usually located along highways or within viewing distance of interstates, where higher traffic speeds demand signs that maximize your potential customers’ viewing time.

Vector Design Print - Citylight
Digital Print Outdoor

Citylights, Scroll Posters

The city light are high quality and very effective. These are backlit showcases, known as CLV (city light vitrines or citylight boxes). You have seen them in the underground, at tram and bus stops, your fitness center and cinemas. They are all around us making the advertised product highly visible. To make an advertising poster, we use City Light translucent white paper that was designed for more demanding illuminated and other applications. This material is weather and UV radiation resistant. Citylight showcases are a smart and universal form of outdoor advertising. The backlight turns them into a 24-hour advertising medium. A prominent motif and noticeable graphic design ensure your outdoor advertising campaign will be memorable. Citylights become part of the environment we live in and affect us all day long.

Illuminated Signs Outdoor

Lightbox (Panaflex)

Panaflex or Backlit illuminated advertisements. They have been very popular for about 10 years because they can produce a large format. Features of PANAFLEX ADVERTISING: – Lightweight aluminum construction – Possibility of making large formats: eg 10x10m in one piece – Backlighting – We use Samsung LEDs – warranty up to 5 years – Your ad can be printed “full color” or making inscriptions – Printing with a special technique 4/4 – printing on both sides – We also print in the so-called “BACKLIT MODE” – colors are extremely strong at night, during the day they are normal.

Illuminated Signs Outdoor

Extra large lightbox

This is our specialty. We work, install and service Large illuminated advertisements of all types at your location. We can produce any dimension of illuminated advertising, dimensions according to your wishes and possibilities on your building. Extra large advertisements are made of aluminum constructions, we use the best Samsung LED modules for front or rear lighting.

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