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We are the EU leading mesh banner, printing experts. We print and finish Mesh Banners to any size or specification using our super-wide format solvent printing machines. PVC Mesh Banners are ideal for outside use in high wind areas as the fine mesh allows wind to pass through. Also known as windproof banners, our mesh banners are less likely to be destroyed by high winds and bad weather. With thousands of tiny holes in the material, PVC Mesh banner material allow air and some light to pass through, which means less resistance to gusts of wind. These are ideal as scaffold banners or fence banners. Standard mesh still has a 70% print area meaning that your graphics remain vibrant. These windproof banners are suitable for high building wraps and scaffolding wraps, fence banners, cafe banners in windy areas and lamp post banners.

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Our company specialized in lease of mobile LED screens for indoor and outdoor advertising

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